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SNAP Beneficiaries Need Access to Vitamin D3

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In a dynamic effort to enhance the nutritional support provided through the farm bill's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Organic & Natural Health Association has launched the “All for Vitamin D: Building Stronger Families in a SNAP” campaign. This public awareness initiative calls on concerned voters to reach out to their respective members of Congress, particularly those serving on the influential House Committee on Agriculture. The primary objective is to advocate for a crucial amendment: The inclusion of vitamin D3 dietary supplements as part of SNAP recipients' benefits. You can help support the “All for Vitamin D: Building Stronger Families in a SNAP” by urging Congressional representatives on the Agriculture Committee to amend the farm bill to pave the way for disadvantaged American families to obtain vitamin D3 supplements through SNAP benefits. This simple and effective addition to the farm bill has the power to address prevailing nutrition gaps and combat the far-reaching health implications of vitamin D deficiency. Thanks to Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage SENPA® A non-profit trade association INFRA Council of Holistic Health Educators Nordic Naturals and Naomi Whittel for your advance support! Please join us in this effort and take action now! #VitaminD #SNAP #All4VitaminD

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We’re a grassroots advocacy network monitoring legislative activity affecting the natural products industry that engages independent retailers when issues are presented.

Now more than ever is the time to strengthen the bonds and relationships in the natural products industry. With DSHEA aging into its 28 year since approval in 1994, there have been many changes in the way the industry is viewed and represented today. With larger store fronts, multiple store locations, increased awareness of health-conscious consumers, and next generational leaders, the timing is right to engage us all in an alliance of retailers, manufacturers, and industry associations.

  • We identify threats and issues to our industry and your business and work.

  • It’s easy to get overwhelmed by legislation. We keep the message simple and concise and allow you to easily communicate to your legislators and their constituents.

  • No other organizations are advocating on behalf of the independent natural products retailers.

“If you are in business, you can’t afford not to be in politics.”
- Senator Orrin Hatch

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  • A resource for legislation initiatives across the country

  • Advocacy outreach for legislative initiatives

  • Regular reports from the coalition efforts with updates

  • Development of position papers

  • Online advocacy education

  • Reach and motivate a high number of individual industry members and consumers to take up a “call to action” when needed

Debra Short

Executive Director, SENPA

There is strength in numbers. One unified voice speaks louder and being on a winning team just enhances that. 

We worked together during the DSHEA years to prove a point to consumers and Congress the value of our industry.  We need to do that again.

Renee Southard

President, SENPA

The natural products industry has always been stellar at coming together in crisis, so I want to us all pull together. My passion is building the industry advocacy to the level we had when DSHEA was passed.


Current Initiatives

These are the current initiatives we are focusing our attention on.

Any attack on our industry is an attack on our customers.

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    Get informed about the issues at hand. Educate yourself on the issues we raise on this platform so you know how to take action.

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    Stay engaged. Develop personal relationships with your legislators to ensure a unified voice is heard and make sure we have a seat at the table.

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